Utopia – gogi – Ep. #9: Navadurga


Hi and welcome to episode 9 of Utopia by Auditory Relaxation.
This time around we’ve got 10 new and new-ish tracks. Psychedelic dub & chillout, with a smooth dubby entrance from Master Margherita through the relaxing interlude from Juan Verdera (The Muses Chill) and all the way to the upbeat glitchy dub tunes from The Flying Mars and Chris Komus.

Tracklist + links:

1. Master Margherita – Filter Dub (Trinity Mix)
Out on Trimurti Records, 2017.

2. Chirox vs Hypnotizer – The Infinite Dimensions
Out on Nutek Chill, 2017.

3. Spatialize & Krusseldorf – Great Prayer (Spatialize Remix)
Out on Badgers Records, 2017.

4. The Muses Chill aka Juan Verdera – Continuum
Out on Nutek Chill, 2017.

5. Deep Fried Dub – Submerged
Out on Dubmission, 2016.

6. Kalumet – Hungarian Freedom Dub
Out on Trimurti Records, 2017.

7. Mahaon – You Can Meet the Alien
Self released, 2012.

8. Liquid Crystal – The Perpetual Wanderer
Out on Mystic Sound Records, 2017.

9. The Flying Mars – Artificial Landscape
Out on Altar Records, 2016.

10. Chris Komus – Squirrelly Eyed Surprise
Out on Shanti Planti, 2017.

Peace and love,


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